King's Camo

Kings Camo
Kings Desert Shadow

King's Desert Shadow

King’s Desert Shadow features total transition from light to dark along with realistic detail in color and shadows to provide ultimate depth and clarity to blend in with the open and arid surroundings. Our flagship pattern released in 2002 revolutionized the camouflage industry and changed the way people thought about colors, depth and design. King's Desert Shadow provides a broad depth of appeal both in the field and on the shelf.

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Kings Field Shadow

King's Field Shadow

King’s Field Shadow features the coloration and vegetation that is found throughout fields and open meadows from CRP to marsh land. A light contrast breakup with just the right background color along with the King’s Camo tradition of stunning clarity and depth have made our new King's Field Shadow hunting camouflage pattern an instant favorite. Just another example of the use of effective patterns for the appropriate terrain. The name says it all.

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Kings Mountain Shadow

King's Mountain Shadow

King’s Mountain Shadow provides complete breakup from light to dark with realistic detail in color and shadows to provide the appearance of depth in thick forests to transitional open terrain. We set out to develop a pattern that would allow tremendous versatility going from dark to light conditions and terrain. King's Mountain Shadow achieves this goal in stunning detail through our choice and depth of colors and breakup.

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Kings Woodland Shadow

King's Woodland Shadow

King’s Woodland Shadow is developed from real life conditions in thick wooded forests by balancing the colors and not creating a pattern that is too dark, therefore losing its effectiveness and breakup. The high definition detail in the bark, leaves and branches provide a contrast that gives a stunning depth within the King's Woodland Shadow hunting camo pattern that is effective both near and far. Now there is finally a pattern that is deserving of the King's Woodland Shadow name.

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Kings Snow Shadow

King's Snow Shadow

King’s Snow Shadow is designed with subtle contrast from light to dark with beautiful realistic detail in color and shadows that provide ultimate depth and clarity to match wintery conditions and snowy terrain. The power of King's Snow Shadow is due to the softness of the hunting camo pattern created by subtle breakup. Finally the King's Snow Shadow hunting camouflage pattern that draws in the white colors but also balances out the soft breakup made by the underlaying vegetation.

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