Mothwing Camo

Mothwing Camo
Mothwing Fall Mimicry

Mothwing Fall Mimicry®

Mothwing Camo introduces the Mothwing Fall Mimicry® 2.0 camouflage pattern. The ultimate hunting camouflage pattern designed specifically for the fall bowhunting season in the hardwoods and timber areas. Mothwing Camo's fall hunting camouflage pattern match moth images that mimic tree bark and fall leaves, with the right amount of autumn colorations to allow you to disappear into the fall environment.

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Mothwing Mountain Mimicry

Mothwing Mountain Mimicry®

Mothwing Mountain Mimicry®, based on the unique designs of the Lepidoptera Noctuidae, is for outdoor enthusiasts in the west. The Lepidoptera Noctuidae has a body length around one inch or less.

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Mothwing Canyon Mimicry

Mothwing Canyon Mimicry®

Everyone knows that hunting camouflage patterns need to match terrains. At Mothwing Camo that's exactly what we do. Introducing Mothwing Canyon Mimicry® 2.0, associated with the western plains and colorations that are associated with elk hunting, mule deer hunting and antelope hunting.

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Mothwing Spring Mimicry

Mothwing Spring Mimicry®

Mothwing Spring Mimicry® 2.0 will be one of the hottest, most effective turkey hunting camouflage patterns ever developed. Created from bark and leaf mimicking moths and accented with natural ground cover found in the spring, this is truly an exceptional hunting camouflage pattern for turkey hunting enthusiasts.

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