Mothwing Canyon Mimicry

Mothwing Camo

Everyone knows that hunting camouflage patterns need to match terrains. At Mothwing Camo that's exactly what we do. Introducing Mothwing Canyon Mimicry® 2.0, associated with the western plains and colorations that are associated with elk hunting, Mule Deer and Antelope hunting. The Mothwing Canyon Mimicry hunting camo pattern truly brings some fantastic cryptic colorations and mimicry associated with western big game hunting. The red tones of canyons enhanced with sage, grass and rock to create the ultimate, most versatile hunting camouflage patterns for western big game hunting.

The Phyllodesma Americana vanishes in the red tones of terrains across this vast land, making it invisible to its predators. The Mothwing Canyon Mimicry hunting camo pattern was developed for use in the canyon and red tones environments across the country. The Phyllodesma Americana is derived from the Greek "phyllon" (a leaf) + "desma" (a band). It refers to the leaf-mimicking shape of the wings, and perhaps the pale bands on the forewing and hindwing. The forewing color varies from bluish-gray, to reddish, to yellowish-brown; and markings of white and violet. The PA's range from Nova Scotia to Georgia, west from Texas to California, and north from BC and the Yukon.

Mothwing Canyon Mimicry
Mothwing Canyon Mimicry



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