Mothwing Fall Mimicry

Mothwing Camo

Mothwing camo introduces the Mothwing Fall Mimicry® 2.0 hunting camouflage pattern. The ultimate hunting camouflage pattern designed specifically for Fall Archery season in the hardwoods and timber areas. Mothwing's fall hunting camouflage pattern match moth images that mimic tree bark and fall leaves, with the right amount of autumn colorations to allow you to disappear into the fall environment.

Whether on the ground or hunting from a tree stand, the Mothwing Fall Mimicry® 2.0 hunting camouflage pattern allows you to become the "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing". Turn Prey's best defense against itself, allowing the cryptic colorations and mimicry of moths' natural defenses to turn you into the ultimate cloaked predator. When it comes to serious archery hunting in the fall, look at the new Mothwing Fall Mimicry® 2.0 hunting camouflage pattern from Mothwing Camo. It's as close as close can be.

The Mothwing Fall Mimicry camo pattern is inspired by the Lystrosis Unitaria's ability to remarkably mimic tree bark and autumn leaves. The Lystrosis Unitaria's wing structure was designed specifically for woodland applications during the fall season. When selecting a hunting camouflage for the fall season, be confident in the fact that you have allowed yourself the advantage of having a Lystrosis Unitaria's wing structure on your camouflage products.

Mothwing Fall Mimicry
Mothwing Fall Mimicry



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